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Why is KeywordResear.ch THE BEST keyword service of ALL TIME?

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Easiest Keywords Guaranteed 100% or Money Back
100 Semantic keywords per main keyword
Any Location
Laser Niche Targeted
Keywords Analysed on Custom Data Server
Every Report Manually Selected & Signed Off
Keywords by a Full Time Keyword Data Scientist
Beautiful HTML reports
Complete Detailed Analysis
High Converting Keywords
Over 1.5 Billion Keywords Analysed
Over 40 Million Data Points Analysed Per Customer
Buy Packs According to Desired Earnings

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Easiest Keywords EVER. FACT.

A TRUE Keyword Research Expert

The only keyword service that is run by a guy with a FIRST CLASS Degree in Web Technologies from a London University. This makes KeywordResear.ch the ONLY service with a Keyword Research EXPERT.

Powerful Research On Dedicated Servers!

The only keyword service that will data-mine through hundreds of millions of data-points for each keyword! On average my Dedicated Servers analyses 400million data points for every client.

More Than 12 Years SEO Experience

There is no substitute for experience and I spend my time figuring out what Google wants, and now I can give this knowledge to you. Knowledge is Power. Knowledge is WEALTH!


Best Value Keywords EVER.

Highest Quality AND Cheapest Keywords EVER.

I am offering you the CHEAPEST keywords AND the HIGHEST quality keywords. Keywords from just $3 per 1000 searches makes my service cheaper than ANYONE ELSE. Order your package NOW!

Rank faster - EARN MORE!!

I data-mine hundreds of millions of keywords and BILLIONS of data-points every month. My #1 promise to you is easiest keywords or your money back. Easier keywords = Faster ranks = more money!

Famously Awesome Support!

I love my clients. I answer and help every single person who is interested in my service. Add me on Skype and I will help you as much as I can! The best Support on anywhere!


I Will Tell You HOW to RANK!

I have figured out what Google wants!

And I will tell you the exact mix of link types to get you on to the front page of Google. This is pure GOLD DUST for every SEO guy out there!!!

Never waste a penny in SEO ever again!!

Only KeywordResear.ch can provide you with an SEO strategy prediction. This means right from the start you’ll know your investment will WORK. Save money and time with KeywordResear.ch!

Rank Faster Bank HARDER!

With my unique SEO Strategy Prediction report, you will be able to KNOW how to rank any keyword without any guess work. Rank faster then bank HARDER! You’d be insane to walk away from this offer!

“From Just $3 per 1000 searches!”

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From $3 per 1,000 Searches!

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Your keyword package will contain:

Stunningly Easy Keywords

I sell the easiest keywords – FACT. After analysing over 1.5 billion keywords using my private server and custom software I have a really clear algorithm that helps me identify easiest keywords for your website.


100+ Semantic Keywords

Make your website Google Semantic friendly with 100+ Semantic (LSI) keywords. Use them for Keyword diversification, content, backlink anchor variations. All Semantic keywords have 500+ monthly searches.

Beautiful Handmade Reports

KeywordResear.ch offers the most detailed, useful, well made reports in the world. The reports are hand crafted with HTML so anyone can use them anywhere any time. Stuffed full of data, keywords and helpful information.


Complete Detailed Analysis

Your report will contain all the information you will need to fully understand the difficulty of your keywords. I data-mine on average 40 million data-points per report. Unparalleled quality!!

High Converting Keywords

My #1 aim is for you to make as much money as possible. I handpick high converting keywords to ensure you will make maximum profit. AdSense keywords will have >$1 CPC. Amazon keywords will have >$50 products.


Powerful Research Servers

My Dedicated Server has been upgraded to 32GB RAM and an epic i7 processor, this means I can data-mine more keywords and analyse them faster. For you that means EASIER keywords and MORE of them!

Keywords in Any Language

Target any language from Chinese to Dutch. My unique automatic keyword research software gives me the ability to find your keywords in any language. Target untapped keywords with huge profits!


Any Location

Target any location in the world. My service is the only service that can target entire countries down to individual cities. This gives you insane flexibility to get the exact keywords you need that are also easy to rank.

How EASY will your keywords be?

My Single aim is to provide the easiest keywords that can possibly be found. KeywordResear.ch is ground breaking and has analysed over 1,500,000,000 keywords so far, yes that’s 1.5 BILLION.


I am often SHOCKED at other sellers who palm off any old keywords as ‘easy’, knowing full well not even the SEO-Pro’s could ever rank for them. Keyword Research is the first and most important step when building a website.


GET DANIEL FROM KeywordResear.ch!

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From $3 per 1,000 Searches!

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My 4 EASY Keyword Parameters

Rank Top 100 EASILY!

Rank in the top 100 with minimal SEO within 1 month of website going live! Plus FREE guidance on SEO strategy!

Super Easy Top 10

More than 5 results in the top 10 will have LESS THAN 30 PA. Low authority = easy ranks!

Minimal Backlinks!

At least 5 results will have less than 100 Do Follow Backlinks. Just a few backlinks will propel your site into the top 10!

Competitor FREE!!

Top 10 will be dominated by useless ‘default results’ meaning NO-ONE is competing for your keyword!

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My keywords rank #1 in less than 2 weeks!






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From $3 per 1,000 Searches!

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Highest Rated. Most Popular. 1,500+ Clients.

100% Awesome Reviews:


Just a tiny sample of my 1,500+ happy clients!

Daniel’s 100% Money Back Guarantee

This CANNOT be beaten!

moneyback flatter

 “I Promise to you, that your keyword(s) will fulfil my difficulty
parameters (set above) and if under any circumstances they
fail to do so, I will replace the keyword(s) in question
+ a FREE bonus
. (A refund for the keyword(s) can also

be issued – This has never happened.. EVER).”

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From $3 per 1,000 Searches!

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I’m about to BREAK every SEO myth!!

I will PREDICT how to rank ANY keyword!

Using my vast amounts of data I have been able to decipher what sort of backlinks the top 10 (up to 50) results require in order to give exactly what Google wants.  I do this by analysing every backlink from the top 50 and then categorizing them into 6 backlink types.

All you have to do is build your backlink strategy around my unique ranking predictions.

This has never been seen before and is beyond ground breaking. Every SEO’s prayers dreams imaginations have been answered all at once. Never play that guessing game again.

ONLY available from KeywordResear.ch!

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BONUS: Choose your earning level!!

Choose your package by desired earnings!

Simple! Use my unique earning slider system
1. Choose how much you want to earn
2. Check out your profit stats
3. Rank and BANK!!


Order now from just $3 per 1,000 monthly searches!

  • Easiest Keywords Guaranteed 100% or Money Back

  • 100+ Semantic keywords per main keyword

  • Target Any Location

  • Keywords Analysed on Custom Data Server

  • Keywords by a Full Time Keyword Data Scientist

  • Beautiful HTML reports

  • EPIC SEO Strategy Prediction!

From Just $3 per 1000 Monthly Searches 

  • Over 1.5 Billion Keywords Analysed

  • High Converting Keywords

  • Complete Detailed Analysis

  • 40million+ Data Points Analysed Per Report

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Custom Package

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  • What is the turn-around-time (TAT)?

    For small packages the TAT is between 3-5 working days. For larger packages it can be between 5-10 days working days. For large packages we will be in constant contact.

  • How many keywords do I get?

    This can vary. I have changed the way you buy keywords to from fixed brackets to a ‘per 1000 searches a month’ basis. This will essentially result in MUCH easier keywords for you. For ALL packages I will vary the number of keywords from 1-3k searches up to 50k searches (if required). Essentially I will give you the EASIEST keywords regardless of search counts.

  • Are your keywords really THAT easy?

    These are the easiest keywords you can get your hands on. You are getting the best keywords that are physically available because I have researched more keywords than any other provider ever.

  • Can I have a free sample?

    YES. Post on the thread below and I will get back to you ASAP. Bare in mind the sample is the same for everyone.

  • How much money can I earn?

    I have made over 100 SEO websites, And I have a pretty accurate idea of how much each website will earn. Of course earning predictions can vary wildly depending on niche, locality, and your website conversion ability. I have, but the basic formula that reflected my personal earnings when I was building websites.

  • How long will it take to get predicted income?

    The predicted income for your package would take between 3 to 9 months to attain. This depends on how you rank your website and how long it takes you to set up your website. I have had many customers who exceed the predicted earnings within six weeks.

  • What if I can't rank my website?

    It is impossible not to rank any keyword in Google. Let me elaborate, you must remember that there are always 10 results in the top 10, they are your competition, and they have managed to rank with or without SEO. My keywords are easy and the report will prove that, it is then up to you to figure out the most effective way to be that easy competition.

  • Can I earn MORE than the predicted income?

    Absolutely. The predicted earnings based on the initial keyword package, if you decide to add any more keywords or expand website further your website will earn more, that is guaranteed.

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From $3 per 1,000 Searches!

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BONUS: Essential Addons

Custom Website Blueprint

Planning is the most important stage once you have your keywords. Getting this done right will determine the success of your website. Now, imagine if this could be done for you? And you could save all that time you could be raking in the money?

Get your website blueprint tailored to your keywords. In it you will get:

  • Fully planned website structure

  • LSI keywords built in
  • Save a TON of time
  • Custom visual sitemap diagram
  • Beautiful HTML report
  • Increase earning potential

“Wow! This saved me a ton of time! I hate planning websites, but this website was my MOST SUCCESSFUL to date. Everything done for you. Worth 100x the value! 10/10.”

SEO Blueprint

“Keywords – Check. Website – Check. SEO Strategy – hmm?” We’ve all been there, hoping the money we invest in SEO will pay off. Well get your hands on my PERSONAL SEO Blueprint I used and developed through more than 100 websites and my University Degree.

Inside is a wealth of lean meaty information including:

  • Plugin & theme recommendations
  • Detailed SEO strategies
  • Unique backlink database
  • Complete to-do list
  • Website progress tracker
  • Epic PBN Pro Secrets

“The amount of useful info this the SEO blueprint is overwhelming. The SEO strategies and the epic backlink lists allowed me to rank faster than I ever have before. Daniel is a GENIUS!!!”

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